Vocal Coaching

I provide one to one vocal coaching from my home studio in Bristol and also occasionally teach in London. I have nearly 10 years experience as a vocal coach and have worked with all levels of vocalists.

I was mentored by leading UK vocal coaches Gillyanne and Jeremy Fisher of Vocal Process and am passionate about vocal function, anatomy and healthy technique.

I work a lot with contemporary singers and am able to help them achieve the sound they want with ease and freedom. I’m a big believer in working with my client to help them find their own unique sound.

With over 15 years experience in the industry as a vocalist I am confident my knowledge of the voice and understanding of styles I will be able to help you achieve the quality and tone you want.


I run workshops on vocal technique, anatomy and function. You can sign up for my regular workshop ‘Voiceworks’ by contacting me via my contacts page. I’m also available for freelance workshops in collages, universities or privately.

What people say…

The workshops Ruth has put together are both highly informative and totally accessible. She really delves into the intricacies of the voice yet makes it easy to understand through the way she teaches it. I feel like my grounding in technique and knowledge has totally improved both as a performer and a singer, since attending her workshops.

Alba TorrisetVocalist

I love the workshops with Ruth. They’re full of engaging information and exercises you can easily link to as both from a performing vocalist and teacher. It’s the perfect community for vocal enthusiasts!

Bronwyn LeonardVocalist
I was struck by Ruth‘s infectious enthusiasm, and genuine love of music.
Ruth has a very relaxed and open way of working, that immediately puts you at ease.